Bond Project Updates

Hanby Elementary (2015 Bond Package)

Construction began in late March 2017 on what is now Evans Baseball Practice Facility for the entirely new building. When the new construction is complete in the fall of 2018, the park will be relocated to the former site of Hanby. The land swap will make the transition from the old building to the new school seamless for children, parents and teachers.

Hanby Elementary

Check out the video below:

Range Elementary (2007 Bond Package)

Range Elementary

The new I.N. Range Elementary opened in August of 2016.The original building, which opened in 1962, was the last of the district's California-style campuses with classrooms that opened to an outdoor courtyard with no interior hallways.

The new construction plan involved a land-swap agreement with the City of Mesquite, allowing the new school to be built on the adjacent city park. Once the new building was complete, a city park was established on the former school site. The school's new design nearly doubled its enrollment capacity with a maximum of 930 students.

Florence Elementary (2015 Bond Package)

The new Florence Elementary will open in August of 2017.

The new 96,400-square-foot school has a capacity of 888 students, providing much-needed additional space and a modern design. All of the younger grade levels are housed on the lower level, and the upper grades are located upstairs in the two-story design.

The gym is located away from the rest of the main building, creating a natural courtyard between the buildings. The courtyard has an enclosed playground area and outdoor learning areas, both of which will not be accessible from outside the school.

A land-swap with the City of Mesquite allowed the new campus to be constructed on the exiting park site so that school could continue at the original campus until the new one wass completed. A new city park will be placed on the land currently occupied by the original campus.

Watch the video below to see an architectural rendering of the new Florence design.


Mesquite High School (2015 Bond Package)

New construction began in March 2017, with the renovation and addition scheduled to be unveiled summer of 2018.

The new building was designed to pay tribute to the art deco look of the previous structure, but with a modern twist. The project includes 40 standard classrooms that meet Texas Education Agency (TEA) requirements for class size. The first floor of Unit S consists of life skills classrooms, standard classrooms and offices and will have updated layout and finishes to match the new addition. Plans call for flexible furniture in each room in several different configurations showing classroom individualization.

The second floor consists of classrooms, art rooms, small breakout spaces and a large community collaboration area that overlooks the main entrance. Elevator access is provided in the central part of the plan and three stairwells are also included in the addition.

WRA is working with the district and Historic Mesquite Inc. to create images inside the new building to help preserve the school's history. The building will connect to the other buildings on campus through the use of two sky bridges. The addition of the sky bridges will also provide improved fire access and accessibility between the buildings.

A list of project highlights includes:

  • 62,000-square-foot addition to be a two-story building.
  • 40 classrooms and three art rooms to be added.
  • Buildings L (the main part of the original high school) & J (directly behind L) will be rebuilt. Memorabilia from the original high school and the city will be housed on history wall in new facility.
  • Building S shell will remain with the interior renovated into larger spaces with bathroom access in every class.
  • Buildings A and C will connect second floors to Building L with bridges.•Renovation will include collaborative spaces on both floors for technology areas.
  • Start Building S in March 2017; Building L in June 2017. Completion expected in summer 2018 and ready for students in fall 2018.
  • During renovation, students will be relocated.
  • It will be the first MISD high school campus under new building codes that require a storm shelter be built to withstand an F5 tornado. MHS's shelter can accommodate 1,200 students.

Comprehensive List of Planned for Completion by 2017 (More Details to Come)

By Campus  Improvements 
Agnew Middle School  Classroom and fine arts addition. 
Berry Middle School  Classrooms and fine arts addition. 
Florence Elementary  Total school rebuild. 
Kimbrough Middle School  Classrooms and fine arts addition. 
Seabourn Elementary  Total school rebuild. 
West Mesquite High School  New addition for science classrooms and labs and a 21st century prototype library. 
Wilkinson Middle School  Classrooms and fine arts addition. 

Campus Improvements Planned for Completion by Summer 2018 (More Details to Come)

By Campus  Improvements 
Middle School #9  New middle school for 1,200 students in grades 6-8. Campus close to Memorial Stadium and West Mesquite High School. 
Mesquite High School  $18 million expansion, including 43 classrooms.
Hanby Elementary  Total school rebuild. 
Rutherford Elementary  Total school rebuild. 
Range Elem